Style Week 2018

Style Week is a fashion show held in the capital of my home state, Providence, Rhode Island. There are so many talented people involved in pulling off a show like this. I was beyond excited that I was able to be part of such a great event. It was great being able to see how a fashion show is orchestrated first hand. So let’s get right into it, here are the amazing designers that were a part of Style Week 2018, and a few of my favorite looks from each designer!

Day 1: Seed Students

Seed is a non-profit student design mentorship program with the goal of fostering education in apparel and jewelry design. These students were from Lincoln High School in Providence, RI. The students had to create looks out of recycled material, and competed in a student design challenge.

Day 2:

Designer 1-Jamall Osterholm

Some of Jamall’s designs were definitely on the risqué side of fashion. His use of sheer fabrics left little to the imagination. My favorites were these two designs. I thought the cropped pants were a unique take on the classic pants suit.

Designer 2- Carissa Lynne Designs

I personally loved Carissa’s designs. Carissa has a background and love for sculpture, and I feel it shows throughout all of her designs. Her pieces are full of beautiful silhouettes, and have a timeless, classic feel to them. I loved her use of lace and sheer fabric. Her use of different fabrics and prints work together to influence the feeling of each piece.

Designer 3- Nathalia Jmag

Nathalia competed in the Emmy nominated TV designs competition Project Runway where she placed 8th. Her designs are full of bold statement colors. She also had a pattern of using O rings in all of her designs. She incorporated them very nicely into each piece.

Designer 4- Devinto Design

Devinto uses bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp to create her clothing. Her clothing is eco friendly, and every piece is made to order. I liked how she even incorporated her designs onto the shoes. Each model had a slip over the shoe that tied around the ankle, which I thought was a nice touch.

Day 3:

Designer 1- Gypsetgirl

Melissa Hillas gets her inspiration for her clothing from traveling to the far corners of the world. Her designs were full of colored metallic, velvet, colorful faux fur, and a few bold statement colors. I personally loved this rich dark blue suit.

Designer 2- Clothes Horse Clothing

Clothes Horse Clothing does not use any animal products in the production of her designs. She is inspired by classic vintage styles. Her pieces were draped in faux furs, pops of pale blues, bright yellows, and deep earthy tones. Her designs definitely had a 1970s vibe to them!

Designer 3- Born Again Vintage

Bridget Artise is a multi talented designer, and a New York Times published author of her book “Born Again Vintage: 25 ways to deconstruct, reinvent, and recycle your wardrobe.” Bridget reuses a mix of contemporary clothes and vintage clothing. She has a no waste philosophy. I personally like the open front on both of these pieces.

Designer 4- Peach Car

I loved Peach Car’s designs! I’m a fan of polka dots, so these pieces definitely caught my eye. Her line is so flirty and fun. She had a range of adorable clutches as well. Peach car is a self taught designer from Chicago, and was part of the hit show Project Runway! Her line ranges from bold day wear, to chic evening looks.

Day 4:

Designer 1- Talulah and Poppy

Talulah and Poppy’s designs are cute and full of bright pastels! Her designs are perfect for spring! I loved her jacket designs, but especially her metallic blazers! Megan Doyle has also participated in Boston fashion week where she launched her first capsule collection.

Designer 2- Amy Page DeBlasio

Amy DeBlasio’s line is color filled, and edgy. Amy mixes street wear with sophistication. Her line was filled with bold colorful jackets, graphic tees, and multi colored pants.

Designer 3- Janet Howard

Janet Howard is a New York designer. She designs women’s and men’s contemporary clothing and is best known for her signature tailoring style. She has been on the covers of the most prestigious magazines. Her line was filled with beautiful fur jackets, and hats. She hopes to create clothing for curvy and plus size women.

Designer 4- Carlos DeMoya

Carlos’ line was full of vibrant colors! His clothing line is based off of gorgeous tiles from the Dominican Republic. Carlos also makes his own earrings, accessories, and belts as well. All of his pieces are so exceptionally unique. They definitely had a lasting impression on everyone that saw them!

Style Week showcased so many amazing designers, it’s hard for me to pick one favorite! Everyone had such a unique and signature style. It was a privilege to be able to be part of such a great event! I met so many great people, and made a lot of fantastic friends in the industry. Happy styling!

XOXO, Hayley 👠

Photo Credit: Style Weeks official runway photographer -Myke Yeager Photography

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